Planet Mercury. 

My Current Top 5 Rare Freddie Mercury Photos.

(here are some photos taken from my DVD footage).


Freddie: "I thought up the name Queen...It's just a name, but it's very regal obviously, and it sounds splendid" p.72 Queen In Their Own Words (1992) Omnibus Press.


Freddie: "I never carry money, just like the real Queen. If I fancy something in a shop I always ask someone on our staff to buy it" p.45 Queen In Their Own Words (1992) Omnibus Press.


Freddie: "I like leather. I rather fancy myself as a black panther" p.44 Queen In Their Own Words (1992) Omnibus Press.


Freddie: "I like to ridicule myself. I don't take myself too seriously. I wouldn't wear these clothes if I was serious" p.45 Queen In Their Own Words (1992) Omnibus Press.


Freddie: "I'm a very emotional person, a person of real extremes, and that's often destructive both to myself and others" p.46 Queen In Their Own Words (1992) Omnibus Press.


MORE FREDDIE RARE PHOTOS (all scanned by myself):

Freddie - Magic Tour (yellow vest) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - late 1970's (on stage) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - early 1980's (on stage) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - Live Aid (singing) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - Live Aid (clapping) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - Live Aid (with cameraman) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - Live Aid (commanding the audience) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - Live Aid (Is This The World We Created..?) - CLICK HERE.

Freddie - Live Aid (with Brian May) - CLICK HERE.


The World That I Created.

The creator of this site.

I am a student who first began to like Queen after watching the 'Greatest Hits II' video. I knew the 'Slightly Mad' video from when I was a boy so I thought I would take a closer look at the music and buy the video. I had also just done an essay on the film 'Metropolis' and had found out that Queen had done a video which included scenes of the film, this also got me interested in Queen. At first I just recorded the songs I liked from the Greatest hits video and sold it. However, as I listened to the songs I had recorded I began to love the Queen sound so brought the video again to hear the songs I had not recorded! I loved the songs the second time and I was hooked.

 I could not see Queen live as I was too young but I have seen Roger and Brian live and various Queen tribute bands including Magic and Gary Mullen from the T.V programme 'Stars In Their Eyes.' After buying all the official Queen videos I still wanted more so I looked for T.V footage. Through my website I have met many people from around the world and have made lots of friends. 

 As I am a Freddie fan I was interested to see where Freddie lived. I have been to see Freddie's house in Kensington, London on numerous occasions, sometimes on Freddie's birthday and sometimes on the anniversary of his death. Below are two of my own Freddie related photos which I have taken while in London:

The doorway of Freddie's house November 2002.

Replica of the Freddie statue at the Dominion Theatre, London, UK - 17/08/03.

 While at University I learnt how to create websites. After doing this I thought why not make a site dedicated to Freddie Mercury, so I did. In fact my site has been very successful, it gets lots of 'hits' and was even mentioned in my local newspaper, the Newsshopper. On March 5, 2003 (page 48) Chris Steel included my site as one of his local 'Hot Links' for the week, see below:

Thanks for reading.


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