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Peter Freestone with David Evans (1999) Freddie Mercury. An Intimate Memoir Omnibus Press.

1. "I have been a long time fan of Freddie's and when someone bought this for me I was thrilled and yet scared. Scared because I have tried on many occasions to read biographies and failed miserably. Luckily this book was really well done and the topic was close to my heart.

The biography is written by a man who obviously loved Freddie and was very close to him in life and affected immensely by his personality. The book covers who Freddie really was to his friends, family and fans. It covers several albums and inspiration behind the music. It also covers his very sad sickness and I must admit I cried quite a bit.

I only have one qualm about this book and this is the time line as it jumps around quite a bit. But it is still followable and you can piece it together.

However in the end I was left feeling like I really did know Freddie and it gave me a warm feeling inside. Now when I listen to his music it brings back parts of the book to me and helps me build a better picture of the artist that Freddie really was."  --This text refers to the paperback edition.

Review by Karina Mcleod from Darwin, NT Australia.

2. "I became a huge Freddie fan about a year ago. I love this book. It really tells a good deal about what he went through and how he died. I feel like I know about how Freddie really was. I love Freddie Mercury."
Review by Sieren.

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Greg Brooks (1995) Queen Live. A Concert Documentary Omnibus Press. 

"Queen Live is an excellent book for beginners but starts losing its sense if you're into some serious collecting - too many mistakes. Nowadays there are internet sites that offer more valuable info for free. And as for the exact setlists - the setlists in the book are based only on bootlegs from private collections so they're quite worthless until Greg re-writes his book with help of the Queen archives."

Review by Martin (Mr. Scully) from Czech Republic

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Peter Lewry & Nigel Goodall (1998) The Ultimate Queen Simon & Schuster.

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