Interesting Coursework:

M.A. Dissertation:

Phenomenon of Fame and its Representations

B.A. Dissertation:

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury - Examination of Masculinity and Stardom in Contemporary Society


New Media Environment: Fans and the Concept of Virtual Community

Examine some of the theoretical positions which may aid us in viewing the current media environment

Were early silent era films (1896-1917) politically subversive as some commentators have claimed?

Hollywood: Frank Capra and America's Fragile Depression Era

Mickey Mouse: Global Image and its Implications

How did British culture reflect and respond to punk rebellion?

Review of Four British Films

Review of Four Films Relating to Thatcherism

To what extent was post-war youth culture a creation of youth itself?

Do representations of violence in the media cause violent behaviour in people?

What are the main processes involved in the production and presentation of television news?

Print Media Analysis - OK! Magazine

Broadly speaking there are two types of masculinity in popular cinema new man and retributive man. Discuss this statement in relation to 'Rebel Without A Cause'

Analyse how the Distinction between Mind and Body Applies to the Internet and its Use

Comment on the recent controversies about faked documentaries such as The Connection in the context of both notions of truth and the commercial context of British television

Comparison of two movies looking at urban life: Metropolis and Bladerunner

Visit a shopping centre at Bluewater and compare your experience with shopping in Oxford Street

Andy Warhol's film work

The Frankfurt School embraced both positive and negative views in relation to the mass media. Discuss with reference to the relevant theorists 

Disney Women from Snow White to Esmeralda

Do celebrities reflect the values of the audience or the cultural industries which produce them?


Nicholas Danton 2010:


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